Borealis Holiday Party at Beaner’s Central

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Hello Friends,

The Borealis Fermentery Holiday party will be on Saturday, December 8 at 7pm at Beaners Central in West Duluth. Music will be provided by Jason Wussow and Friends, Bluegrass band Black River Review, interim music by our band- pointed hats on pointed heads.

Going to be trying out a few new brews. For the hop lovers among you, we’ll be trying out Homdinger- a Belgian style amberish hoppy ale. And, ispired by some of our dear Dutch friends who don’t celebrate Christmas, we’ll be serving up Cinderclaws- a darker holiday brew crafted from maple sugar and star anise.

There’s even a food pairing for each beer in the works. More info to come as the party develops. Mark your calendars and hope to see you out there!

Cheers and we hope to see you out on the town that night!

Borealis Fermentery entering Knife River Ribfest Friday 10/20/2012 at Emily’s in Knife River

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Well, the ribfest was a hoot and a great gathering of ribmeisters from the Duluth area.  We didn’t take home any awards, but it was a beatiful day filled with local spirit and camaraderie.  Thanks so much to Emily’s in Knife River for hosting this great event.  Next year promises to see another great turnout and we promise to have more ribs! Thumbs up to Emily’s head cook Royce for organizing and raising $5000 and change for the Knife River recreation hall that was hit so hard by the Solstice Flood.  Good job to everyone involved!