Borealis Fermentery Wins Most Voted Brewery and Best Booth at All Pints North Brewfest, July 21, 2012 at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth, MN. Our first festival and our first two awards!

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First of all, thanks to the MN Craftbrewer’s Guild and all involved for putting on a great fest. Big thanks to the Carmody and the Fitger’s folks for being great hosts for the guild members with food for the meeting and afterparty at Tycoons. Props to Mike Hoops and Town Hall Brewing for best beer of the fest with Mango Mama IPA. Big love to Beaner’s Central, Warehouse Liquors, and the Rahtskeller for carrying the little guy’s beers. Thanks to the crew you see in these pictures- these folks are beer ninjas. Thanks to my wife, Jen for putting up with a clinically insane, schizophrenic, prog-rock nutcase beer wizard as her husband- you’re the best. Finally, huge thanks to Dale and the crew over at Lake Superior Brewing for helping us out and putting up with my really dumb questions.

I guess we’re officially an award winning brewery now? To win two of three awards was huge for us- maybe too much so. We will be slowly expanding, as we really dig being small. We will be slowly branching out and getting our beer in a few more spots in Duluth. We are however, still closed to the public- as it is near our home, and we need our privacy. Down the road we’ll work towards putting up something on scenic, but for now I’m still a one-man operation, a really tired one-man operation.

You folks down in the cities will see us, let me get my bearings and get the Duluth crowd satiated, and we’ll see if we can’t get down to the Pig and the Gnome somehow.

Look for some kind of fundraising for our new system- we have to get bigger somehow, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thanks folks for drinking, believing in this whacked out dream, and now voting it and our beer into having some awards. We are humbled and spooked out of our minds. What the heck did we create here?