Borealis Fermentery in Twin Cities Stores

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Okay folks, we said we would be down in the cities by New Years, so Happy Holidays, proud to announce that Borealis Fermentery beer is now available at these select locations in the Twin Cities:

Elevated Beer, Wine, and Spirits- Minneapolis, MN

The Four Firkins Specialty Beer Store- St. Louis Park, MN

The Wine Thief and Ale Jail- St. Paul, MN

Bacchus Wine and Spirits- Shoreview, MN

We would like to thanks these new accounts and we’ve now had many requests to carry the product. For a one man show, I’m working on getting it out and the best I can do is move you up on the list- please try to be patient. I need a bigger boat, and I’m working on that too. Thanks all and Cheers!